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 Important Dates

Randori Nationals-

Christmas Social - 20th December 2014 

Last Session of The Year - 18th December 2014

Atemi Nationals - 15th / 16th November 2014

First Session of the Year- 8th January 2015


April 2013


Running our Fitness Sessions Now.  

March 2013

Yellow Belt Grading

 Micheal Dunn - Junior Yellow Belt 1 Mons

Alison Davis - Yellow Belt.  

Alton Jitsu's Annual Ball 

We hosted a Masked Ball for committee and members with awards a raffle and a lot of fun had. See the details here. 


Most Photogenic -Harry Kaluszniak

Most Improved - Mike Dunn

Special Award - Vanessa Jinks

Jitsuka of the Year 2012 - Frank Ashwood

 February 2013

Sensei Tom is Awarded Coach of the Year 2013 from East Hampshire District Council. 

 January 2013


Sensei Tom is Awarded Coach of the Year 2012 from Alton and District Sports Council. 

Alison Davis is Awarded runner up in Volunteer of the Year 2012 from Alton and District Sports Council.


 December 2012

13th December 2012  -

Ali Davis (Club Finance Officer) 

Receiving the Grant from the Alton and District Sport Council! (£60)

November 2012

 27th November 2012  - East Hampshire County Council's Newsletter 

21st November 2012  - We made the Alton Post Gazette. The story was extolling the virtues of our sport, the new club and the region.

 Photo shoot with EHDC who generously granted us £500 for equipment. 


October 2014 

Our Reintroduction to Jitsu Session Kicked off well and continues to be a great success! 

September 2014

 Summer School in the Peak District and SUNNY WEATHER!

 New Style Posters are finished and ready for distribution so look out for one near you!

March 2014


Yellow Belt Grading

Andrew Phillips - Yellow Belt  

December 2013  

CHRISTMAS SESSION- Fun, Games, Videos and Food. 

November 2013


New Venue Announcements and Breakfalling Course

October 2013


A Spooktacular Halloween Session was had by all with fun and games and a good knowledge of techniques shown.  

September 2013


Jitsu Summer School was a rousing success. 

August 2013


New Forest Sword Course

Southampton Jitsu hosted a New Forest sword course and BBQ 

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